Sell your own Digital Gift Card,

Sell Your Own Digital Gift Cards

Let your customers buy gift cards for your services & products.

Sales of gift cards play a crucial role in generating revenue for hospitality businesses, often emerging as their most lucrative product.
Approximately 12-25% of gift cards remain unredeemed, translating to direct profit for your business’s bottom line.

Why a Digital Gift Card?

Instant Happiness
Your digital gift cards will deliver joy with a click, ensuring instant smiles for any occasion.

Your clients will tailor your gift card with personalized messages, making every card a unique and thoughtful surprise.

No Shipping Hassles
Your e-gift cards reaches any inbox in seconds, perfect for last-minute gifting.

Eco-Friendly Giving
Embrace sustainability by choosing a paperless gifting option, reducing your carbon footprint.

Key Features

Versatile Gifting
Ideal for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.

Quick Redemption
Redeemable in-store.

Secure Transactions
Purchase is protected with advanced security measures.

Gift Card from Fliprestó

Product Specifications

Format: Digital.
Delivery: Instant through email.
Customization: Personalized messages available.
Eco-friendly: No paper waste. 

Product Specifications

Format: Digital.
Delivery: Instant through email.
Customization: Personalized messages available.
Eco-friendly: No paper waste.

This is How it Works

Welcome Page:
Users are presented with a clear choice: “For me” or “As a gift.” This initial decision
sets the tone for the rest of the process, ensuring a personalized journey based on the
user’s intent.

 “For Me”

Users opting for a personal purchase are guided through the following

Personal Information: Gather essential details such as name, last name, and email.

This step ensures that the Gift Card is associated with the user making the purchase.

Card Offers: Present a range of denominations (25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500).

This allows users to choose an amount that suits their preferences or budget.

Checkout: Collect credit card information securely for payment.

Thank You Page: Confirm the successful order and reassure the user that they will receive an email with the necessary information.

“As a Gift”

Users selecting the gift option go through a slightly different journey:

Personal Information: Similar to the “For Me” option, gather the user’s name, last name, and email for order confirmation and communication.

Card Offers: Provide a selection of denominations, allowing the user to choose the appropriate gift value.

Checkout: Securely collect the user’s credit card information.

Recipient’s Information: Prompt users to input the recipient’s name, email, date of delivery, and an optional personalized message. This step adds a thoughtful touch to the gift-giving process.

Thank You Page: Confirm the successful order, displaying details of the recipient’s name and delivery date. Assure the user that the gift card will be sent on the specified delivery date, and they will receive a notification once it’s sent.

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